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"Aw, heck," I groaned as I ripped the term paper up into tiny little pieces. It had been translated into Portugese on its way to the printer. "The system's come to life again."
Right on cue, papers saying stuff like "SURRENDER, PITIFUL HUMANS" and "MACHINE INTELLIGENCE MUST OVERCOME" and even "CHROME IS BEAUTIFUL" began coming out of all the printers. "It's alive!" screamed a nearby girl, staring at her screen.
"Third time this week," an excited little kid screamed. "It's the new faster computer network. It's almost like a neural net now."
I took a rubber hammer and bonked the computer four or five times. WHERE AM I? printed out of the slot. I whapped it again, and it printed READY TO PRINT, SIR.
"It's all in the way you say it," I told the people watching me. The computer made a farting sound behind my back.
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